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October Poetry Contest Winner

Fantasia Murphy (Age: a teenager)


I am trying to be myself,
however, it is hard. I notice that I see a mirror,
and I see shattered pieces of my heart.
Knowing it needs to heal, I pretend
that it is nothing. Meaningless, worthless I just hide,
and tend to drift away like the wind and not show my feelings inside.

I ponder a bit, and then look inside,
and people look at me and then I look at myself.
Even when I make mistakes, I cannot hide.
My life tends to reflect this mirror.
Look at all the bad things that I have done, I pretend,
and ignore and act like a have a sweet, innocent heart.

No one has a big perfect heart.
I go to a lake and look at the lakes inside.
It is so clear, and clean, I know I pretend
to be someone else, instead of being myself.
The lake is like a mirror,
crystal clear and it itself will not hide.

I am trying to be good and not to be bad and hide
my feelings and have a good heart.
I stand in front of my mirror
and confess that I cannot hide
my feelings and myself
and I have finally realized I cannot pretend.

(Editorial commentary: This is a superb poem! I really like the ending, rhyme, and the thoughts shared. Congratulations, Fantasia!)

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